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The Certified Payments Professionals - CPP™

What is an ETA CPP™?

The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA), the premier trade association for the payments processing industry, created the CPP™ certification program to recognize those professionals in the industry who demonstrate a thorough knowledge of their profession as well as a commitment to professionalism and personal integrity.

Every person who earns the ETA CPP™ designation has:

  • A minimum of one to three years experience in the payments industry;
  • Been recommended by a supervisor or manager from a company in the payments industry;
  • Completed and passed a rigorous examination developed by industry experts and conducted by an independent testing firm that is not affiliated with any entity in the payments industry;
  • Agreed to abide by the Electronic Transactions Association’s Code of Conduct
  • Agreed to pursue continuing education credits as a requirement of re-certification every three years.


Why should I do business with an ETA CPP™?

By obtaining your payments processing solution from an ETA CPP™, you can be sure that your representative is knowledgeable about the products and services he recommends and has the expertise to recommend the best and most appropriate solution for your business.

How can I determine if my merchant services provider is an ETA CPP™?

ETA provides a searchable registry of ETA CPPs™ at electran.org. The registry also allows you to search for an ETA CPP™ by state or city.

Does NMA have ETA Certified Payments Professionals™ (CPPs)?

To ensure we’re offering our merchants the professionalism they deserve, National Merchants Association staff members are required to reach ETA CPP™ status within the first 24 months of employment.

NMA's Current ETA CPP™ Staff Directory:

Heather Petersen

Heather Petersen has been in the bankcard industry since 2003, and has consistently been a leader in the field as founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Merchants Association. She is currently Chair of the Professional Development Committee for ETA, and has been an ETA CPP™ since 2012.

Brian Randolph

Brian Randolph has been an ETA CPP™ since 2013, and currently sits on ETA’s Government Relations Committee helping to shape public policy. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) for NMA, Mr. Randolph manages the organization’s technological advancements and facilitates PCI Compliance and Data Security Standards as required by the card brands.

Jacob Bennett

Jacob Bennett, Chief Risk Officer, has over 9 years of experience in the electronic payments industry. He has been an ETA CPP™ since 2015, and regularly attends ETA supported events, tradeshows, and conferences.

Pablo Nuñez

Pablo Nuñez, Director of Risk, has been in the bankcard industry for 3 years, and has been an ETA CPP™ since 2015. Mr. Nuñez monitors merchant accounts, develops mitigation strategies, and structures collateral to mitigate risk exposure.

Lindsay Sugarman

Lindsay Sugarman, Marketing Assistant, has been with National Merchants Association since 2014, and has held the title of ETA CPP™ since 2015. Ms. Sugarman coordinates tradeshows, conferences, and events and produces marketing and promotional materials for the company.