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Consumer Convenience Fee Option

The Consumer Convenience Fee option gives the merchant the opportunity to pass processing costs to the consumer, resulting in no-fee processing. A rate is charged to the consumer to offset the processing costs which are normally charged to the merchant. This is an excellent low cost system for Bill Pay applications.

Now merchants can enjoy the security and peace of mind of secure check acceptance without any increase in operating expenses


  • No processing fees for merchant
  • No annual fee
  • Online Reporting available for complete transaction tracking
  • No added cost for online reporting
  • Merchant gains added secure payment method without any increased cost
  • ISO gains higher retention rates with merchants using no-fee processing

Summary Of Waived Fees

  • No monthly service fee
  • No transaction fee
  • No batch fee
  • No annual service fee
  • No Network & Compliance fee

Agent Information

  • Minimum convenience fee: $2.50
  • Fee revenue is split between ISO and processor
  • Agent marks zero for rates on check service merchant agreement
  • Consumer Convenience Fee setup form must be included with standard check service merchant agreement

Ideal Merchant Types

  • Federal/State/Local Government offices
  • Non-profit/Charity Organizations
  • Fundraisers
  • Bill Pay payment gateways
  • Educational

Fees Applicable to Consumer Convenience Fee Option

NOTE: There is a max check limit of $2,500. Any transactions over $2,500 will be subject to the premium discount % listed on the application.

Online Reporting

  • Bank Statement
  • Deposit Details
  • Batch Results
  • Rejections
  • Returns List
  • Transactions
  • Uncollected Checks

Check Program Compatibility

  • ACH Debit*
  • Checks-by-Phone*
  • Checks-By-Web*

*Non-Guarantee programs only