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Online transactions and ecommerce

eCommerce - Online Transactions

Accept Online Payments With Ease

Did you know that Internet Transactions can be "qualified?" If you want to process credit cards for Internet, telephone, or mail order transactions, you'll need a special merchant account specifically designed for that purpose. We offer the ultimate payment gateway for processing transactions through a Virtual Terminal on the Internet OR “real time” processing integrated with a shopping cart program on your website.

Through a propriety gateway offering a robust suite of high-speed online solutions, National Merchants Association can assist you in processing your transactions over the World Wide Web.

ecommerce and online shopping

How does eCommerce work?

  • Step 1: The merchant submits a credit card transaction to the NMAPAY Payment gateway on behalf of a customer via secure Web site connection, retail store, MOTO center or wireless device.
  • Step 2: NMAPAY receives the secure transaction information and passes it via a secure connection to the Merchant Bank's Processor.
  • Step 3: National Merchants Association submits the transaction to the Credit Card Network (a system of financial entities that communicate to manage the processing, clearing, and settlement of credit card transactions).
  • Step 4: The Credit Card Network routes the transaction to the Customer's Credit Card Issuing Bank.
  • Step 5: The Customer's Credit Card Issuing Bank approves or declines the transaction based on the customer's available funds and passes the transaction results back to the Credit Card Network.
  • Step 6: The Credit Card Network relays the transaction results to National Merchants Association
  • Step 7: National Merchants Association relays the transaction results through NMAPAY
  • Step 8: NMAPAY stores the transaction results and sends them to the customer and/or the merchant. This step completes the authorization process - all in about three seconds or less!
  • Step 9: National Merchants Association sends the appropriate funds for the transaction to the Credit Card Network, which passes the funds to the Merchant's Bank. The bank then deposits the funds into the merchant's bank account. This step is known as the settlement process and typically the transaction funds are deposited into your primary bank account within 24 to 48 hours.

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We have solutions for card present and card-not-present transactions! This is our specialty and we do it better than anybody else around!

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