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Specifically designed for the hospitality and restaurant market, National Merchants Association offers their expertise and an integrated cost effective solution to optimize your savings with a FREE* POS System.

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Affordable POS Solutions for Every Business

Whether you are a retail operation, restaurant, bar or hotel, National Merchants Association’s POS solutions work for you. We offer a variety of POS systems to meet your needs. Our fast, user-friendly systems offer a robust feature set designed to meet a wide variety of needs.

The experts at National Merchants Association will have you up and running quickly so you can start reaping the benefits.

*Free placement of equipment with a $79 monthly support fee and $79 quarterly. Other restrictions may apply. Additional documentation may be required. Leasing options available.


For What Business Types Is A POS System Meant?

These POS systems are specifically designed for the hospitality and restaurant industries – bars, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, nightclubs, and fine dining establishments. If you have any questions about the POS system’s compatibility with your business, please contact National Merchants Association Customer Service at (866) 509-7199.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up?

From the time we receive your inquiry about your FREE POS system to the time it is set up and ready to use, is about 2 weeks. A National Merchants Association expert will order your equipment and install all necessary plugins, software, and accessories that meet all of your needs. We will then ship your ready-to-use equipment to you and you can begin to experience the POSsibilities!

Does The FREE POS Program Come With Free Receipt Paper?

With a National Merchants Association membership it does! Receive 4 free rolls of receipt paper a month along with other features such as free PCI compliance, free warranty on your equipment, a quarterly account review to eliminate and reduce unnecessary fees associated with your merchant account, and other features such as free gift and loyalty cards, free online shopping cart and website, and even text message and social media marketing. Check out the complete membership packages to learn more about how you can expand your business and maximize your potential!

What Makes a POS System Right For My Business?

POS systems can stand up to years of use with minimal wear and tear. They are specifically designed to improve customer service with quick and easy features such as an integrated magnetic stripe reader, biometrics reader, and touch screen operation system - and in the case of our Clover system, EMV® capability! Other systems we have support NFC or contactless payments such as Apple Pay™ and Google Wallet.