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Whether you're a restaurant, bar, hotel, or retail store, National Merchants Association's POS solutions Work For You®. We offer a variety of POS systems to meet your needs. Our fast, user-friendly systems offer a robust feature set designed to meet the needs of virtually any retail store, restaurant, hotel, or bar.

Quick. Easy to use. Easy to install. The experts at National Merchants Association will have you up and running in just a few days so you can start reaping the benefits:

  • Increase efficiency and reduce complexity by managing guest lists, customer tracking, gift/loyalty card management, & more.
  • Reduce employee theft and labor costs with the integrated labor scheduler and time clock.
  • Dynamic pricing drive sales during off-peak seasons with time-based pricing.
  • Track inventory and reduce theft through detailed inventory reports and integrated purchasing/ordering capabilities.

Affordable POS Solutions for Every Business

POS S-line

As a Point-of-Sale terminal, the Pioneer POS S-Line will save on precious counter space with it’s innovatively designed all-in-one integrated EPSON 3” thermal printer. Increase efficiency and reduce complexity with the simple to use, feature-rich, and cost effective solution without the need for computer experience and training manuals.

Don’t need an all-in-one? No problem. At National Merchants Association, we have many options to choose from to insure all your needs are met.