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Check 21+ Remote Data Capture

Accept ALL types of paper checks and “skip the trip to the bank”!

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is the process of recording an image of a check that can be transmitted electronically in place of the paper document. This means faster, safer processing. Using an intuitive web-based interface, and an imager connected to a PC, merchants are able to electronically deposit checks. Let RDC Work For You®.

Check Guarantee

Check Guarantee provides protection that eliminates the risk of accepting bad checks. Merchants can enjoy peace of mind knowing funds are guaranteed by the processor. By following simple procedures during the transaction, the merchant receives funding on the check. The program has the highest approval rates in the industry, can greatly improve cash flow, and eliminate collection operations. Additional non-sufficient funds coverage is available for even greater protection. Check Guarantee provides merchants the freedom to accept checks without fear.

How Check 21+ Works...

  1. Paper checks are received in the mail, drop box or in person (any type of check may be accepted at both point of sale and consumernot-present environments*).
  2. Checks are run through a check imager connected to a PC (check imager will have capability of scanning both sides of the check).
  3. Funds are electronically debited from consumer’s checking account.
  4. Funds are then electronically deposited into the merchant’s account in 2-3 business days (8 business days for payroll checks). Merchants can use existing bank account - no need for separate account.

*Note: Types of checks eligible for Check Guarantee include personal, business or corporate, and doing business as (DBA).

Features of RDC

  • Guaranteed Funding
  • Check Verification
  • Web-based user interface
  • Fraud detection systems
  • CIM systems
  • User-defined custom fields
  • Supports multiple locations/users
  • Supports single/multiple feed imagers
  • Merchant does not need a separate bank account
  • Data export for 3rd party accounting or archiving

Remote Deposit Capture from NMA

Additional Benefits of Check 21+

  • Check versatility - Check 21+ is versatile enough to accept checks in any the point of sale, through the mail, or via a dropbox. Guarantee, non-sufficient funds coverage, and even payroll cashing options can be added.
  • Advantages over ACH - With remote deposit capture there are no ACH Restrictions. Enjoy higher check limits and the ability to accept all types of checks drawn on U.S.banks including; personal, business, government, travelers, cashiers, certified, equity lines of credit, and money orders. Check 21+ funding is faster than ach and does not require the check writer to be present.
  • Fast and convenient - Merchants will enjoy the fast electronic deposit of funds in 2-3 business days (8 business days for payroll cashing). Deposits are made directly to their merchant’s existing bank account. No separate account is required as with other processors. Check 21+ provides flexibility with the comfort of consolidating deposits from multiple locations.

Markets Served Across the Nation

Check 21+ allows many types of non-traditional businesses the opportunity to process checks in a back office environment.

  • Any business-to-business merchant
  • Bill Payments
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Property Management and Lease
  • Mail Order
  • Utilities
  • Educational
  • Payroll